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Returning from the grave!

Ta-da! *LJ revives from the dead*

So, as the time for me to head off to Europe nears, I figure I might as well start doing this whole livejournal thing. I tried it once in the past... not much success. But, I'm hoping this time I have the motivation to actually semi-regularly update/post/whatever. I'd like to be able to put up pictures of my travels, but I have to explore around and find out how to do that, if I can. But, first task for Shelley with her LJ is to find a userpic....

Other than figuring out the basics of LJ, today (and yesterday some too) I've been "packing" for Versailles aka I've been finding stuff I want to put in my suitcase and putting it there. Its more of a test to see if my suitcases will hold all my stuff. The baggage restrictions on my flight seem just odd. Piece 1 cannot have dimensions larger than 62 inches, and piece 2 cannot have dimensions larger than 55 inches. Both of these can't exceed a 50 pound weight limit. I also have a carry-on (with more restrictions) and a "personal item" *shrugs* I'll manage.

A bit of odd news in the life of Shelley: Recently I've had this spontaneous $300 appear in my checking account. It seems to be from my overdraft policy/credit card. But at the time it appeared, my bank account was nowhere near needing to go into the overdraft fund. I went to my bank, talked with a teller, and it was decided that they had no idea how it happened or why it did. However, they are going to fix it! *phew* that's a relief.

Finally, its weird to be chilling out at home while all of my friends are going back to school (in CU or otherwise). I miss them muchly (especially my boy!)

Alright, time to (possibly) get back to "packing." Byes!
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