roningirl5 (roningirl5) wrote,

Eep! Confusion! Rambling!

So here I am... poked and prodded by my roomie (oh how I heart her) to "get a LJ". My confusion began as I signed up. I was like what username should I use? Should I be inventive and create a new name like.. oh er I dunno... So I eventually gave up and stuck with the traditional roningirl5. Whooo to the RW boys! How I miss them. (although I was considering something involving pumpkins, vampires, slugs, or killing studio lol)

I am so worn out from my previous day of "gimpdom" Crutches really make me miserable and bruised. So does slipping on the friggin wet ground. Bah! But that was yesterday, and now its today. So, Tohru-style I'm gonna be the optimist and keep on trucking! (Whee for Furuba too!)

And that's all for now...
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