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Hello everyone!

So, I finally got hooked up to the internet today. The house that Kelsey and I are living in has graciously allowed us to use their wireless. And on that note:

OUR HOUSING PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! They invited us to dinner on Wednesday (the first night we were there), and it was very tasty. "Liz" (its actually spelled Elisabeth) made a quiche, and we had a tomato and cheese salad. I struggled through the glass of wine they offered me. It was a chardonnay and pretty dry. I ended up only finishing half of it. Kelsey on the other hand had many glasses and was far more sociable than me. (She knows a lot more French than I do as a note). The "mom" and "dad" of the family speak wonderful English, while their two kids that live at home (ages like 14 and 17?) don't speak English as well as the parents do. We live in the family's fourth floor. Essentially we live in their attic and share a bathroom and such with the kids downstairs. There is a lot of stuff up here from American students who lived here the years before, including textbooks and guidebooks to Europe. Liz also bought us each little fold-able laundry baskets and let us use some of her towels and sheets and such. Our host family has been so awesome thus far; I feel really lucky to be living here. We're like 5 blocks from my school and the Palace. Even the downsides aren't too bad. We have to be out of the kitchen by 6:30 and I can only stand fully upright in about a third of my room. The roof slopes downward towards the head of my bed and there's only a couple feet at the lowest part. Also, these big wooden rafters run across my room, and I frequently bang my head into them (as does Kelsey)

So Versailles is different. All the buildings are so old! The house we live in is from the 18th century! How cool is that? More to come on Versailles later...

My class went into Paris on Friday. We got off at the Notre-Dame stop and walked outside. And WOW! The cathedral is beautiful! and HUGE! Our professor told us to sketch for like 15 min, and we tried. But there were tourists (mostly Japanese/Asian) who were taking pictures of us. One person was even videotaping one girl sketching over her shoulder. It was kinda creepy. Also we went to this ice cream place where they had raspberry ice cream with rose flavoring. It was really good!

I saw fireworks Saturday night. We couldn't get into the Palace to see the fireworks and the light show, but we went to a public park and saw the large fireworks there. We didn't see the light show or whatever was at the palace, but we had a picnic with some friends. There was wine and cheese and chicken and tastyness. I'm still getting into the whole drinking wine thing. I think I've officially consumed one glass of wine with all the different sips of different wines I've had. The group wanted to go out to a bar after the picnic, but we wandered around until like 11:15 and then Kelsey and I headed home (since we needed to use the restroom.) So I have yet to "go to a bar," but maybe. We shall see. It could be fun as a social kinda thing. I'm not going to be a recluse this year gosh darn it!

Other notes: I have defeated the jet-lag I think.... I am +7 hours to the central time zone in case anyone's wondering... and, I've probably written enough for a while.

More to come some other time!
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