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Last Night Home (for a long time)

So, tonight's my last night I'm spending home. It's a little scary, thinking that I'm gonna be all far away in just a day or two... Gah I need to finish packing rather than avoiding it... Despite how much I don't think about it, Tuesday's drawing near.

In other news, I get to visit CU for a short time to see my Bobby! (before heading up to Chicago for the night.) That's much excitingness.

Today was my first (and last for a while) mass with our new pastor/priest. He wasn't what I was imagining, but he seems to be cool. Today, I also got to go the Botanical Garden and see their Japanese Festival. I saw a kimono fashion show and got to hear Liza Dalby talk about geisha. It was so cool since I had referenced her when I wrote my paper on how being a geisha/the life of a geisha sucks. (It's a rough life: lead-based paint, evil headrests of doom, etc). There was lots of tasty food to try, like Yaki Soba and Okonomiyaki (spelling?) and of course sushi. There was also red bean ice cream and tasty tasty ramune! I also feel kinda silly, for splurging, but now I am the proud owner of a Bleach t-shirt (with Ichigo, Renji, Hitsugaya, etc) It gets to come with me to France too. I just hope the French washers don't kill my Bleach shirt and my " I <3 Geeks" shirt.

Speaking of France, I should get back to packing. More dry clothing has appeared to pack!

Byes all!
Tags: bobby, france, japanese fest, packing
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