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roningirl5's Journal

15th September, 2007. 8:47 pm. Cars, stuff, and a bit of loneliness

In France (and I'm assuming most of Europe) everyone has these really tiny cars. They fit better into those small parking spaces, they also fit into some spaces that probably weren't parking spaces to begin with. Thus, since I've been here, I've been keeping track of the random "oddball" cars that I see. It's become a recent hobby/obsession of mine. I've seen a truck and a Hummer in Paris, two PT cruisers in Versailles, and a couple Land Rovers. Today takes the cake tho. While walking back from getting a chicken, in under a block, I saw parked a Jeep, and then a mini-van with a Virginia plate!! I had to stop and stare for a bit, and Kelsey had to drag me towards home. It was very weird.

In other news, did you know that the police in France don't carry guns. On the other hand, the guys I see in Paris dressed in military fatigues carry machine guns! I've seen them under the Eiffel tower and the Tuileries Garden. They're kinda scary, but I managed to take a picture of them (although it's a bit blurry) The friend (Sunny) that I was with on Friday when we were walking around in Paris wanted to get a picture taken with them, but I talked her out of it. I don't think they would've liked that much.

So, it happens that from time to time I get lonely. This mostly happens when I'm just sitting around in the evening and my boy's off at class or something. I try to keep busy, but sometimes, I feel kinda isolated. I try to talk to people online, but its not really the same. It can be hard for me to make new friends and mesh with groups, and that's why yesterday was really cool....

Anywho, pardon my moody ramblings. It just helps when I (somehow) outwardly express what I'm feeling internally. Hm... *wants to end on a happy note* Well, I did a bit of shopping yesterday and today and got a pair of dressier shoes, some (cheapish) sunglasses, and a new battery for my camera. My camera's been dying from a lack of batteries after about a half-day, so I'm thinking its the battery being stupid. I hope its not the battery-charger that isn't working.... If the new battery dies after a half-day, then its the charger. I hope not tho. Hm... that wasn't really happy either *shrugs* well its more neutral at least. I think I could use a hug...

Current mood: moody.

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9th September, 2007. 10:17 pm.

Hello everyone!

So, I finally got hooked up to the internet today. The house that Kelsey and I are living in has graciously allowed us to use their wireless. And on that note:

So Versailles is different. All the buildings are so old! The house we live in is from the 18th century! How cool is that? More to come on Versailles later...

My class went into Paris on Friday. We got off at the Notre-Dame stop and walked outside. And WOW! The cathedral is beautiful! and HUGE! Our professor told us to sketch for like 15 min, and we tried. But there were tourists (mostly Japanese/Asian) who were taking pictures of us. One person was even videotaping one girl sketching over her shoulder. It was kinda creepy. Also we went to this ice cream place where they had raspberry ice cream with rose flavoring. It was really good!

I saw fireworks Saturday night. We couldn't get into the Palace to see the fireworks and the light show, but we went to a public park and saw the large fireworks there. We didn't see the light show or whatever was at the palace, but we had a picnic with some friends. There was wine and cheese and chicken and tastyness. I'm still getting into the whole drinking wine thing. I think I've officially consumed one glass of wine with all the different sips of different wines I've had. The group wanted to go out to a bar after the picnic, but we wandered around until like 11:15 and then Kelsey and I headed home (since we needed to use the restroom.) So I have yet to "go to a bar," but maybe. We shall see. It could be fun as a social kinda thing. I'm not going to be a recluse this year gosh darn it!

Other notes: I have defeated the jet-lag I think.... I am +7 hours to the central time zone in case anyone's wondering... and, I've probably written enough for a while.

More to come some other time!

Current mood: happy.

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2nd September, 2007. 10:44 pm. Last Night Home (for a long time)

So, tonight's my last night I'm spending home. It's a little scary, thinking that I'm gonna be all far away in just a day or two... Gah I need to finish packing rather than avoiding it... Despite how much I don't think about it, Tuesday's drawing near.

In other news, I get to visit CU for a short time to see my Bobby! (before heading up to Chicago for the night.) That's much excitingness.

Today was my first (and last for a while) mass with our new pastor/priest. He wasn't what I was imagining, but he seems to be cool. Today, I also got to go the Botanical Garden and see their Japanese Festival. I saw a kimono fashion show and got to hear Liza Dalby talk about geisha. It was so cool since I had referenced her when I wrote my paper on how being a geisha/the life of a geisha sucks. (It's a rough life: lead-based paint, evil headrests of doom, etc). There was lots of tasty food to try, like Yaki Soba and Okonomiyaki (spelling?) and of course sushi. There was also red bean ice cream and tasty tasty ramune! I also feel kinda silly, for splurging, but now I am the proud owner of a Bleach t-shirt (with Ichigo, Renji, Hitsugaya, etc) It gets to come with me to France too. I just hope the French washers don't kill my Bleach shirt and my " I <3 Geeks" shirt.

Speaking of France, I should get back to packing. More dry clothing has appeared to pack!

Byes all!

Current mood: anxious.

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21st August, 2007. 6:06 pm. Returning from the grave!

Ta-da! *LJ revives from the dead*

So, as the time for me to head off to Europe nears, I figure I might as well start doing this whole livejournal thing. I tried it once in the past... not much success. But, I'm hoping this time I have the motivation to actually semi-regularly update/post/whatever. I'd like to be able to put up pictures of my travels, but I have to explore around and find out how to do that, if I can. But, first task for Shelley with her LJ is to find a userpic....

Other than figuring out the basics of LJ, today (and yesterday some too) I've been "packing" for Versailles aka I've been finding stuff I want to put in my suitcase and putting it there. Its more of a test to see if my suitcases will hold all my stuff. The baggage restrictions on my flight seem just odd. Piece 1 cannot have dimensions larger than 62 inches, and piece 2 cannot have dimensions larger than 55 inches. Both of these can't exceed a 50 pound weight limit. I also have a carry-on (with more restrictions) and a "personal item" *shrugs* I'll manage.

A bit of odd news in the life of Shelley: Recently I've had this spontaneous $300 appear in my checking account. It seems to be from my overdraft policy/credit card. But at the time it appeared, my bank account was nowhere near needing to go into the overdraft fund. I went to my bank, talked with a teller, and it was decided that they had no idea how it happened or why it did. However, they are going to fix it! *phew* that's a relief.

Finally, its weird to be chilling out at home while all of my friends are going back to school (in CU or otherwise). I miss them muchly (especially my boy!)

Alright, time to (possibly) get back to "packing." Byes!

Current mood: working.

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1st November, 2005. 10:52 pm. So I lied...

And I said that was it and I clicked to update... and I LIED! bwahahaha!!!! I apparently have more to say. So, the beloved roomie introduced me to the wonderful world of media player questioning... And here's what I got:

And that's it... I swear!!

Edit: ooo go me! I figured out how to cut my LJ! Hurrah!

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1st November, 2005. 10:49 pm. Eep! Confusion! Rambling!

So here I am... poked and prodded by my roomie (oh how I heart her) to "get a LJ". My confusion began as I signed up. I was like what username should I use? Should I be inventive and create a new name like.. oh er I dunno... So I eventually gave up and stuck with the traditional roningirl5. Whooo to the RW boys! How I miss them. (although I was considering something involving pumpkins, vampires, slugs, or killing studio lol)

I am so worn out from my previous day of "gimpdom" Crutches really make me miserable and bruised. So does slipping on the friggin wet ground. Bah! But that was yesterday, and now its today. So, Tohru-style I'm gonna be the optimist and keep on trucking! (Whee for Furuba too!)

And that's all for now...

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